Coco Chanel


Coco Chanel is most famous for her signature product; the little black dress.┬áIn 1926, Coco Chanel published a simple, short black dress in Vogue. The magazine called this dress “Chanel’s Ford,” because like the Model T, it was accessible to women of all social classes.



The outfit I chose is a more casual outfit. It’s very comfortable and you can wear it to a party or any event that is not as formal. You can wear this to lunch, shopping, or just hang out.


Grey crop top: $20

Puma Bomber Jacket: $60

Black Leggings: $15-$30

Grey Fenty Creepers: $150

Social Justice


Sells: Skincare, Bath bombs, moisturizers, face masks, and more body and facial cosmetics.

Trends: One of the most popular products/trends at lush are the bath bombs. Bath bombs are used to add oils, color, bubbles and scents to bathwater. There are different bath bombs for different seasons and each bath bomb has a different scent and look.

2017 Trend

One of my favorite trends right now is dressing down a nice dress. You can just wear any type of sneaker and a jacket that matches with the dress.

Price range: You can get any good quality dress that range from $20-$40 at stores like Forever 21, Urban Outfitters, Fashon Nova, etc…

Review: Forever 21 and Urban outfitters have a lot of good quality dresses that are really easy to dress down. Basic colors (black, white, nude) are easy to match.

Trendy: During summer and spring it gets really hot so you can just wear a dress and still make it look really cute and casual. You can also wear an oversized t-shirt and pair it with some vans, converse, pumas, etc…